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Shinnyo-do was founded in 984. It is located a bit west of Philosopher's Path. I walked there from Philosopher's Path and the same route is used from the Shinnyo-do bus stop. Go up a long, steep street and near the top there is a set of stairs leading up to Shinnyo-do.
Except for the autumn leaves, it is not very popular. That may change when two recently made gardens become better known. The one I photographed was made in 2010. It is a modern version of a Zen dry garden - most unusual.
Walking through the temple grounds toward Mt. Yoshida, we passed what may be a sub-temple and a small shrine before reaching my next objective, the tomb of Japan's 57th emperor, Yozei, that is nearly 1100 years old. From there we
passed the ultra expensive Ryokan, Yoshida-sanso where you can stay for a mere $600 per night. Just a few steps away is the tomb of Japan's 63rd emperor, Go-Ichijo, who died in 1036 at age 29.

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