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At 0911 Portland 911 dispatch began to receive many calls for a fire on Mill Court. It was described as a house fire, a fire on Market St., a backyard burn and probably several other things. It was just 2 blocks from Station 7 so they arrived quickly. In addition to Eng. 7, Truck 7, Rescue 7 and C3, E29, E31, E19, T2 and C4 responded. Since all companies were heavily engaged, C3 ordered an additional engine for RIT duties.
Truck 7 started a search for occupants and FF Braxton thought he heard a noise on the 2nd floor. When he got upstairs he fouind a woman semi-concious and leaning against the wall. He carried her outside and she was treated for smoke inhalation by the ambulance crew before being transported to the hospital.

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