Whoo, what a blaze it was! And you have the energy to see and record it ...
Very nice photos great takes de kb5zcs.........
15.Loren Rhoads(non-registered)
Thanks for sending me the link to your lovely photos of the emperors' tombs in Japan. You've made me want to go back and see them for myself.
Great photos. I liked the 'grave' series as I like to study history. Take care.
12.Hi Dick(non-registered)
I do not know personally, but the tips you gave me and the pictures I saw here I am now your biggest fan and if you need anything from Germany just talk ...
Hi Dick......

just had a look at your photo's, the link worked without the numbers, and have to say......I love them all !!!!!!!

10.Jimmy Coll(non-registered)
great pics as always Dick......
9.Scott LaPrade(non-registered)
didnt know you were on Zenfolio also. Nice site here....!

Scott - SmokeShowingPhotography.com
7.Nat Whittemore(non-registered)
Your photos of the Boston fires brought back a lot of memories. I covered all those jobs, probably some of them with you.

Be well my friend,

As a train lover your ok in my book. We need to bring back those short lines in the USA. I photograph the old steam eng's were ever I go. Keep up the good work.
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